Installation Zero: Floating Island

Place, Utah



Material Map 2014

Place, Stories

It is said “to be human is to be a story,” and as we live we form an active web of relationships that construct our characters. Moving our way through pages that may never be written, our narratives are born.  Here is a collection of materials belonging to individuals who I have crossed paths with at some point in my life. These materials expose a certain element to each individual’s identity, while simultaneously revealing a portion of my own active web.  In the words of Doug Aberley, “maps will be sung, chanted, stitched and woven, told in stories and danced across the fire-lit skies” Please explore the landscape.

Material Map


Installation Zero

Place, Utah

Installation Zero


                  Placed East amidst the salty plains of Utah, we the Williams siblings have installed a set of 1970’s camper van chairs along with its accompanying side table, upon a ridge of The Floating Island deep within the Salt Flats. By doing so we hope that others may find it, camp by it, make and sip coffee on it, and watch the sun rise. Here we provide the viewer with the most beautiful moving image one could ask for.

Location: N 40°  55.142′    W 113°  37.853